• Release of iTEST v4.0

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iTESTv4.0 has been developed to provide a better, more reliable, and valid type of computer-based assessment tool, that includes four question formats that can be compiled in a blend of each type within a single test module giving both quantitative and qualitative output data:

MCQs that include images and animations.

Essay-type questions that include images, and model answers.

Matching format questions.

Categorisation format questions.

Knowledge gaps are clearly identified allowing Training Managers to maximise their training budget by focusing resources on closing the gaps.

Crew assessment results from different agencies can be compared.

Crew assessment results can also be filtered by rank, nationality, department, subject matter, and more, for analysis as required by the client.

Exceptional value, available at a price point which is significantly lower than alternatives, yet providing superior functionality.


The Question Databank is comprised of more than 7,000 questions specific to STCW competencies.

History and updates of each question can be tracked to ensure validity and relevance.

Industry-specific modules can also be developed upon request.